FOAM Institute

thinking tomorrow's sound

The FOAM Institute researches and develops design to improve the acoustic quality of urban spaces and urban health.

We take responsibility in designing our urban environment. That is why we participate in and accompany human-centered processes: from AVAS sound for electric vehicles to announcements in public transport and acoustic guidance systems in public spaces. 

The core of our work is the creation of an exchange platform for stakeholders from science, politics, culture, art and business. Together, we want to develop groundbreaking concepts, models and solutions that take a sound ecological approach. We have the opportunity to actively design the sound of tomorrow.

Our objectives

Establishing a network that provides innovative sound solutions for the public.

We want to change the way people think: urban acoustic space must be understood as a designable part of our everyday reality.

Working together toward a larger goal: improving the quality of life in our cities.

We want to establish a network that offers innovative solutions for the deployment of sound.

How we do it

We work in interdisciplinary teams to develop sustainable solutions that improve the individual user experience.

By combining science, technology and art with our expertise in brand communication, we develop intelligent acoustic scenarios.

We pay attention to the interplay of all senses and the interdependence of different applications: that way, each sound is conceived as part of a larger whole that harmonizes with our urban environment.

What we do

Production of audio design, audio interface design and acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) design.

Research in the fields of A.I., acoustic guidance systems and urban space.

Consulting and strategic approaches for acoustic solutions in urban spaces.

Our design principle

The FOAM Institute's design principle is based on the view that there is no such thing as one urban space, but that it is made up of a multitude of individual spaces: from work spaces to consumption and living spaces to nature and mobility spaces. All of these can be further subdivided, resulting in a complex structure - similar to the structure of foam. Urban space is thus created both by the individual and by the groups and institutions they join.

Based on this idea, the FOAM Institute acoustically designs the urban space for a liveable city of tomorrow.

The foundation

The Foam Institute is an initiative of the creative studio kling klang klong in collaboration with the agency why do birds.

kling klang klong is an award-winning studio with state-of-the-art projects in sound scenography and new media.

why do birds is a multi-award-winning agency for audio branding, motion design and servicedesign.

The bundling of their different competences from science, art and communication enables anextraordinary basis for the goals and design approaches pursued by the FOAM Institute.